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About Michael Yardney

Michael Yardney is one of Australia’s most authoritative property investment advisors, having once again been voted Australia’s leading property investment educator and one of Australia’s 50 most influential Thought Leaders. 

He has been recognised as an expert in wealth creation through property investment, is one of Australia’s most read property authors, and has probably mentored and inspired more successful property investors than anyone else in Australia. 

But his understanding doesn’t stem from a simply theoretical level.

Michael is a successful property developer and investor. As a director of Metropole Property Strategists his insights as a property commentator are referenced frequently in the media. Michael’s advice is well-received, well-travelled, and laid out thoroughly in his books.

Using a conversational style, Michael Yardney has made his books approachable for new investors, but also worthwhile for intermediate investors and property experts. The insight he shares encompasses a wide range of subjects, including property acquisition, property development, ways to live off the equity of your property portfolio, bank loan negotiation, strategic portfolio development and more.

Michael Yardney Book Selection

How To Grow A Multi-Million Dollar Property Portfolio – In Your Spare Time

First published in 2006, the 6th edition of this #1 bestseller is your formula to developing a sizeable property portfolio, as proven by thousands of other investors.

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Tom Corley & Michael Yardney’s Rich Habits Poor Habits
Fully Updated 2nd Edition

This book is your chance to learn the specific Rich Habits you must have in order to succeed as well as the Poor Habits that you must avoid at all costs.

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Negotiate, Influence Persuade

Learn how to get other people to do what you want them to do because of your ability to interact, communicate,negotiate, influence and persuade.

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Michael Yardney’s Guide to Getting Rich: Why the rich keep getting richer and how you can become one of them.

Learn the Science of Becoming Rich and get that special "money education" you've dreamed of having. Start getting yourself out of the rat race and develop your financial freedom.

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Michael Yardney’s Rules of Property: Your plan for financial freedom through property investment in the new financial era

Full of proven principles and updated strategies, this book will serve as your roadmap to financial prosperity and freedom.

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What Every Property Investor Needs To Know About Finance, Tax and the Law

Another Amazon best seller, this book is an essential resource for investors at all stages, unveiling how “the system” can be used to gain huge investment advantages.

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The Australian Guide To Buying And Selling Your Home

See property sales through the eyes of experts, who provide surprising answers to the 167 important questions you need to ask when buying or selling a home.

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Michael Yardney’s Guide To Investing Successfully — Updated Edition

This book will help you discover how the rich make their money so that you can become financially free.

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What People Say About Michael Yardney's Books


I found this book really helpful as someone with some existing property investment experience. The book is written in a way that makes it very easy to understand, so it would also be a great start point for people who are beginning. I think I will also buy the hard copy as it will be easier to mark the bits of information I found most useful. I would highly recommend this book as it cuts through the confusion and gives straightforward and proven advice. I've read Michael's other books as well (as he speaks from his own experiences), this is the latest and definitely worth a read!

Amanda Vandenberghe -

This book has great content. It not only showed you how to grow a property portfolio, also the principle to reach financial independence. Don't think you can do everything, have a good team surround you, it's the key to success. Before read this book, I confused whether to buy property with cash flow or capital growth. Now I think I have a very clear answer. Now I feel I have the confidence to start my journey for property investing.
Couldn't stop reading this book when I started. I think every investor should read this book!

Jessica Sonido -

This book came highly recommended from a friend whom is a successful property investor. I found it covers the fundamentals of investing in property providing real, actionable, steps for growing a multi-million dollar cash machine. Learning the different levels of investment and comparing that to my situation was sobering and motivational. The four stranded strategic approach rings true based on my experience with property. It also answered my questions of whether to pay down my mortgage or start investing now. I never really understood the final "level 4" investor end game of living off equity and then reducing your LVR to create a cash machine so that helps. Now onto Michael's next book...

Matt Vigus -

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